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How more sleep can make you a 30% better golf player

Golfer that needs more sleep

Are you having trouble with your golf game? Would you like to lower those scores and start winning those bets you and your buddies make on Saturday? A study published in the latest issue of the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine titled Treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome with Nasal Positive Pressure Improves Golf Performance, shows how treating your sleep apnea might make this happen.

The study (Link To Study) enrolled 12 male golfers with known sleep apnea and 12 similarly matched golfers without sleep apnea. All participants reported their golf handicaps, which is a number derived from the previous 20 rounds of golf. The sleep apnea golfers were placed on CPAP at appropriate pressures to eliminate their sleep apnea.

The golfers then reported back with their handicaps after another 20 rounds of golf with impressive results. The control group showed no change in skill level. However, the sleep apnea group demonstrated far different outcomes. The average golfer in this group dropped his handicap by 11.3%. The more skilled golfers–those with an initial handicap of 12 or less–dropped their handicap by a whopping 30%!!!


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