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Why PGA Tour Players Wear These Bracelets


Why not try out a sports bracelet when wanting to take your golf game to the next level. See for yourself how powerful sports wristbands for golf can be!

Why Athletes Keep Embracing Sports Wristbands for Golf

The phenomenon of sports bracelets and magnetic wristbands for golf continues to grow, as they’re spotted on the wrists of celebrities and pro golfers alike. 

Nick's Golf Store receives dozens of testimonials each year from avid golfers who won’t tee it up without their negative ion + magnet wristbands.

We wanted to know why golfers in particular are drawn to the ion bracelets.

The Word About Sports Wristbands for Golf
Here are just a few snippets we’ve read from our customers:

  • “Small contemporary look and golf has never been better.”
  • “I never golf without them.”
  • “…my elbow does not hurt when I play golf.”
  • “I have issues with my neck and knee, and have seen a great improvement, especially when playing golf…”
  • “My husband and I both play lots of golf and tennis… we never take this bracelet off.”

Many users continue to report the positive benefits while wearing the EAZE bracelets. Casual round of golf or a PGA Tour / LPGA event; EAZE may make a difference in performance.

How Sports Bracelets May Improve Stamina for Golf
One of the major physical requirements of golf is walking, which both promotes and requires a certain amount of muscle tone and good cardiovascular health. While there is no substitute for a workout a few times a week, EAZE could improve performance by countering the negative effect of positive ions in the atmosphere. 

How Ion Bracelets May Improve Focus During Golf
Positive ions from UV rays will fatigue a golfer during a four hour round. Many players report that after wearing their negative ion bracelets, focus improved! While EAZE makes no medical claims, we are happy to report that golfers continue to respond well performance-wise. 

Why not try out a sports bracelet as you prepare to take your golf game to the next level. See for yourself how powerful sports wristbands for golf can be!

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