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PRO Golfer Discovers Cure For Back Pain

If you love golf, you probably know Rickie Fowler is one of the top golfers in the world (#5 on the Official World Golf Ranking report in 2015)...


...but what you may not know is, in 2012, his back started hurting so bad he could barely walk (much less swing a golf club)!


Well, it turned out the pain was due to a couple of injuries very common to golfers.


In fact, Tiger Woods suffered the exact same injuries Rickie Fowler did...and look where he’s at.


They COULD have ended his career like they did to Tiger… but Rickie discovered a simple fix and is playing pain-free golf again.


In this article, our friend and pain relief specialist Jesse Cannone will show you what Rickie Fowler discovered hurt his back in the first place… and… how he made his back pain go away for good.


Whether you have back pain or not, this information will be important for you.


Because if you are doing what Rickie Fowler USED to do… you are one step closer to throwing out your back with every swing you take.


Click here to see what Rickie did that stopped his back pain for good.

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