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Why Poor Ball Striking Is Not Your Fault

Do you hit the ball as well as you'd like?
If not, it's not surprising. And the truth is... it's not your fault.

For decades now, golfers have been subjected to all
kinds of bad golf swing advice.

Some of that advice is totally contradictory to what
the great golfers have done.

For example, look at Ben Hogan one of the best
ball strikers in the world.

He said to reverse every natural instinct and you'd
have a good golf swing.

And speaking of Ben Hogan, it's well known that
he was in negotiation with Gold Digest to reveal his
"true" golf swing secret.

But negotiations broke down when the dollar amount
got into 6 figures. This was after the 1955 Life
article in which Ben supposedly gave up his
true golf swing secret.

However all is not lost...
Because on the 5th of March 2015 Jeff Richmond
from remarkably discovered
Ben Hogan's real golf swing secret, and this is
taking the golf world by storm.
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Swing yet, I highly recommend you go here right
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This new golf swing, that is powered by the secret
Ben Hogan used after the car crash in 1949, is
amazingly simple. And it will finally help you to
hit the golf ball properly and control where it goes.

This one move goes totally against what is taught in
the traditional golf swing and will finally help you to
have great golf swing timing from one game to the
next... even if you only play once a week.

So go here right now, so you can start to implement
the secret into your swing today

You'll be so glad you did!

All the best to your game,
John Anderson
Team Nick's

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