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FiNDiT- Smart Bluetooth And GPS Tracker- 15% OFF!

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Tired of losing your car keys, wallet, car or valuables?
Wanting to know where someone is or if they leave
the premises?
Never Lose Anything Again!
FiNDiT has a convenient hole, perfect for attaching
to your keys, purse, backpack and much more. Now
you can easily find all your important things.
FiNDiT easily hooks onto keychains or attaches to
anything you care about. It’s the small, powerful
companion for life’s little valuables.
ALARM FUNCTION:Bluetooth 4.0 connection
lets you sound an alarm whenever your phone and
the tracker are separated - great for kids, luggage,
pets, and more! Operates using iTracing App via
iOS or Android Smartphone.
precise calculation, locate your pet via digital
display, and you can also press the calling
button to let the device make sound.
Low energy consumption, handy like a key ring, easy
to carry and use. Keep Your Valuable Things Safe And
Within Your Range.
last left them to the nearest Street and then give you
signal strength Guiding you to your lost item!!
You can even Locate Your Phone by pressing
the button on the Gadget it will send the Phone
a Ringing Noise until you locate your phone
REMOTE CONTROL: You can remote control the
device camera or voice recording of your phone by
pressing the button. It can take awesome wide angle
selfies from your front or rear facing cameras.
Works as a remote shutter for self-portrait.
MULTIFUNCTION: Anti-lost alarm, remote control
function, protect your valuables, kids, pets from theft
or loss.It can also provide a last seen pin-drop on map
via APP to help you recover your items and search your
car in parking lot.
Make sure you attach a this brilliant tracking device to
all things that you care about!
Just click the "Add To Cart" Button Below!There's a
very limited stock, and they will go soon!
please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.

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