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GETS THE JOB DONE! Wind Tested By TÜV RHEINLAND In Their High Tech Laboratory Provides You The Ability To Endure Gusts Up To 89mph Until Fabric Breaks And 22mph Before Flipping Inside And Out! It’s Easily Flipped
Back To Original Concave Shape Without 
Being DamagedIn Other Words Near To Indestructible! - Just Like The Best.
EXCEPTIONAL! Certified With Superior 100% Weatherproof Teflon Technology Ensures You That The PhlipUp Is One Of The Best Water Repellent Alternatives On The Market. The Canopy Is Barely Getting Wet Due To The Advanced High Tech Surface Layer Used.
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A FRESH APPROACH! Ergonomic Extra Long Rubberized Handle With Non-Slip Rubber Comfort Grip Gives You The Power To Carry Your PhlipUp Much Easier And Comfortable Than With A Small Plastic Handle Like Most Other Brands Use. You Also Get Easier Access
To The Automatic Unfold & Fold Button That 
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