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Get Ready For The Next Golf Season With This Magnificent Training Aid!



Want to add yards to your shots and fix at least 4 common swing faults with ONE practice drill?

 The SwingPact impact bag is probably one of the best training aids around
for several reasons.
One, it helps return your focus to the only point of the golf swing that really matters - impact.
Two, it helps ingrain the proper sensations one should feel at impact. And three, it helps train you to use the
bigger muscles in the golf swing to strike the ball.
That's a tall order for a training aid, especially for something costs less than $25, but this one can do it all.
Using the impact bag is also one of the best ways to "winterize" your swing for those of you living in cooler climates.
You can get just as much quality practice time indoors working with an impact bag as you can from hitting one hundred balls on the range. 
Impact Bag is one of the most popular golf training aids of all time
This SwingPact teaches the correct position and feel...
Just stuff old rags, towels into bag and go!
⛳ Drill 1: Get into impact position and use core muscles (not arms & hands) to simply push the bag with the club
⛳ Drill 2: Practice full swings with the impact bag
⛳ Be sure to get proper impact position: Body open, arms back & connected to chest, forward shaft lean
 ⛳ Be very careful not to "slap" with your hands: Keep hands flat and rotate the body through the shot
⛳ Start with half shots to make sure you're not releasing with your hands, which can cause injury
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