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Clip-Shoot-Analyze! Super Easy To Mount On Your Bag Or Cart. Perfect To Use At Home Also. Limited Supply At This Price, Grab Now!

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With ZWINGY You Simply Clip-Shoot-Analyze your golf
swing to improve your game.
Fits all smartphones and super easy to attach to
your bag or cart. The hard metal stand can clamp
down on any surface up to 2.5” thick.
Perfect to attach to your  golf Bag or cart. After
you have played just bring it home and clip it on
your bed, chairs, tables, desks and the inside of
your car as long as you can find a sturdy foundation.
EASY TO INSTALL. NO tools required to install.
Take less than 1 mins. Please find the install
instruction in one of the pictures.
Just click the "Add To Cart" Button Below!
There's a very limited stock, and they
will go soon!
DUE TO HIGH DEMAND, please allow
2-4 weeks for delivery.