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AdVentureKit-Delivers Quick And Effective First Aid Care

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If you want to enjoy this designed for adventure
racers, multi-sport enthusiasts, and anyone
looking for an ultralight First Aid Kit.
Then Your Search is over...AdVentureKit is an
amazing new First Aid Kit that helps every
Person with an active lifestyle to Deliver
quick and effective care for small
groups on short outings.
Keep at least one kit at home, and of course...
maybe how about one in each car, on your
boat, by the pool or BBQ, when you go
bicycling, to sports events, survival, day
trips, or on vacation?.
This is the stunningly awesome first aid kit
you need more than one of to keep you
effective when the nightmare is real.
Order Now! Don't miss this opportunity to
feel safer knowing you have the right tools
to deal with all sorts of emergencies!
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There's a very limited stock, and
they will go soon!


Note: Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.


Package includes:
1x Triangular bandage 96x96x136cm
2x Safe pin 3cm
1x PBT elastic bandage 5x450cm
1x Scissor 9cm
2x Sterile gauze sponges 5x5cm
1x Latex tourniquet 2.5x46cm
1x Non-woven fabric adhesive tape 1.25x500cm
10x Adhesive bandage 7.2x1.9cm
4x Povidone-lodine prep pads 5x5cm
1x Tweezers 10.5cm
1x Waterproof NYLON pouch.20x13cm