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Apollo Energy Gum

Apollo Energy Gum Supplement is the fastest, most portable
energy source on the planet! Apollo Energy Gum Supplement
consists of highly concentrated liquid energy (caffeine and
B vitamins) surrounded by a spearmint gum shell.
The ingredients and formula are the result of 10 years of
development, and specifically chosen to provide a healthier,
more portable energy source. Apollo Energy Gum's liquid
core contains all of the  energy-boosting ingredients: ~80 mg
of natural caffeine and B Vitamins.
The liquid core is released all at once on the first chew, and goes to
work immediately to help with focus, endurance, attention, and of
course, Energy!
✅ Chew Apollo for a morning pick me up, after lunch to get you
through your day, or during your commute to help you stay awake.
✅ While Hiking, Running, or having an active lifestyle Chew Apollo to
give your favorite activity an extra lift.
✅ While at the gym Chew Apollo and get the boost you need to power
through your workout. Try Apollo as a pre-workout supplement too.
✅ Work the night shift? Out Late? Chew Apollo to help you stay awake and
keep the night young.

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