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Pet Cooling Pad With Self Cooling Technology

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Treat Your Pet And Beat The Heat This Summer!

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We love our pets. We like to take them everywhere,
from the beach to the dog park. But as summer
temperatures climb, our furry friends suffer
from the heat even more than we do. 
Heat stroke can be a life threatening experience
and can happen quickly. Some dog breeds, like pugs,
boxers and bulldogs, are particularly prone to
overheating in high temperatures. 
With this in mind, the COZY Self Cooling
Gel Mat was designed to provide a refreshing,
comfortable place to relax for your favorite
fur-baby, even on the hottest day. 
Features and Benefits Include:
• Gel technology filled pads that naturally stay
cool, evenly distributing a pets body heat across
the flat surface and away from your pet. 
• No freezing or filing required, the internal gel
material stays automatically chilly. 
• Folds quickly so you can bring it with you no
matter where you go!
• Incredibly easy to clean-Simply shake off any
hair that accumulates, or wipe with a damp cloth
or sponge across the cooling gel mat.
  • The COZY Self Cooling Gel Mat fits easily into
an existing dog bed or in your dogs favorite corner. 
The COZY Self Cooling Gel Mat was created
for all pets. We've even seen humans 
sneaking onto it with various use! 
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