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Can Chewing Golf Gum™ Improve Golf Scores?

Click the image below to find out! 👇👇👇


“If you take golf seriously & you’re looking for that spark that enables you to concentrate for 18 holes, give Golf Gum™ a try. You will be pleasantly surprised at what it can do for your game.” - Steve W. 

Golf Gum™ provides golfers with the best solution to simultaneously get the benefits of both caffeine and chewing gum. A unique Liquid Core™ delivery system rapidly releases the benefits of our specially-sourced natural caffeine and B-vitamins, resulting in a natural, smooth energy. Golf Gum™ has another benefit, you won’t get jittery.

With a spearmint flavor that lasts for hours, chewing Golf Gum™ is enjoyable throughout a round while also supporting oral health with the highest concentration of xylitol of any gum.

The perfect portable energy supplement for people who choose only the best for their body, mind, and golf game. 

• 1 Pack = 5 Pieces

• ~80 mg of Natural Caffeine Per Piece

• Xylitol for Healthy Teeth

• B Vitamins

• Zero Sugar

• Zero Aspartame




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