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Pocket Folding Quadcopter Drone With HD Camera

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Awesome quadcopter that will fit in your back pocket equipped
with high-definition camera. You can adjust the camera through
the video and camera function on your smartphone.
Wireless links allow you to transfer pictures and videos from
your camera in real time and store them on your phone,
making it easier for you to share your happiness with
your friends.
Comes with speed flexible control and 3-speed mode, low,
medium and fast. The 6-axis gyroscope supports forward
/ reverse, left / right, left / right flying, 3D scrolling and
scrolling, all 360 degrees of rotation for the most
spectacular viewing experience.
Two LED lights on the main body that gives you the
option to shoot videos late at night.
Why wait another day to shoot stunning videos?
Just click the "Add To Cart" Button Below! There's a
very limited stock, and they will go soon!
DUE TO HIGH DEMAND, please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.

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