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Tactical Flashlight 3800 Lumens- 60% Off!

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This Amazing tactical flashlight with adjustable
focus really shines the light on all things you
point it at.
Both durable, shock-resistant, and water-resistant,
making it ideal for camping, roadside emergencies
but also home use. The beam adjusts from a
spotlight to a floodlight with a slide of the
flashlight's head.
It throws light extremely far on spotlight mode
(pull the head forward).
On spread mode (retract the lens),it casts a wide
field of illumination.
With the 5 mode silicone switch, simply click the
tail cap to select, high, medium, low or strobe SOS.
the button on the back of the flashlight.
Ultra bright: high power and efficiency and great
output led chip,18650 lithium-ion rechargeable
or 3 pcs AAA battery (not included).
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