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WEEZ- Reusable Female Stand-Up Urination Device

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WEEZ is fantastic for active women and other people
with uteri who enjoy the outdoors, sports, music
festivals, camping, hiking, biking, traveling, etc.
Sketchy bathrooms (or nonexistent ones!) are
no match for this handy device.
How it works: You hold the WEEZ up to your body
and relax your muscles, and the pee comes out the
little "exit" tube at the end. It's made of a soft,
flexible, medical-grade silicone, so it molds to
your unique shape and forms a leak-proof seal.
When you're done, you either 1) rinse/wash/dry
the device and put it back in the case, or 2) put
the unwashed device into a plastic bag to wash later.
Simply A Brilliant Device For ALL Women!
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